Israeli powers gave dead a Palestinian driver who slammed his vehicle into a police barrier, harming six officials, in a flashpoint Jerusalem neighborhood on Sunday, police said.

The episode happened in Sheik Jarrah, in Israeli-added East Jerusalem, which is the focal point of a legal dispute wherein a few Palestinian families could be expelled from homes asserted by Jewish pioneers.

Video acquired by Reuters showed a vehicle hammering at rapid into the barrier in what police said was a conscious assault. Police said officials started shooting, slaughtering the driver, whose name was not promptly delivered.

Abu Ubaida, a representative for Gaza’s decision Hamas Islamist mlitant bunch, adulated what he portrayed as the “courageous and trying activity” in Sheik Jarrah.

Hamas started rocket strikes on Israel on Monday following quite a while of pressures over the conceivable Sheik Jarrah expulsions and conflicts among police and Palestinians at Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

After sunset, police carried a versatile crane to winch solid hindrances into place, impeding the passageway to the potential ousting site and a nearby burial place rumored to be the entombment spot of Simon the Just, an old Jewish consecrated minister.

Israel caught East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East conflict and attached it in a move that has not won global acknowledgment. Palestinians need all of Jerusalem as the capital of a state they look for in the involved West Bank and Gaza.

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