How to selecting a grease

Choosing the correct lubricant for your machine can be tricky. There are many different types of grease for a variety of applications and conditions. Depending on your intended use, the grease composition and DN may differ from machine to machine. In this article, we will discuss how to selecting a grease for your application. By understanding the factors that affect grease selection, you will be able to make an informed decision about which lubricant is best for your application.

Tips For Selecting The Right Grease – Machinery Lubrication

Base oils comprise 80-95% of a typical grease. The base oil used will determine its overall performance. Choose a synthetic or mineral oil depending on the conditions of your application. Mineral oils provide lubrication and may be combined with additives to increase the properties. Synthetic oils are better suited for high-temperature operations because they contain little or no paraffin. Mineral base oils are best used in constant running temperatures.

Viscosity is another key factor to consider. Grease viscosity determines how stable it is and how well it protects against friction. Grease with a higher viscosity is ideal for heavy-duty applications while those with lower viscosity are better suited for high-speed applications. Viscosity varies across brands and different types. Use the viscosity information on the product data sheet or in the manufacturer’s literature.

When choosing a lubricant, the base oil should be suitable for the conditions of your application. The viscosity of the base oil influences the lubricating properties of the grease, as well as its ability to resist oxidation and thermal degradation. Choosing the correct lubricant can help prolong component life. For example, a high-speed element bearing with minimal load does not require extreme pressure additives, while a heavy-load open gear set does. In addition to the base oil, the performance-enhancing additives found in lubricating oils are also used in grease formulation. Generally, mineral oils are suitable for use in most applications.

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