As one of the most exclusive nurseries in South East London, Oakleigh Kindergarten is known for providing a quality and lively environment for its young students. Set in the grounds of a beautiful manor house, the building is constructed from high quality oak and forms a fine backdrop to the beautiful setting of the park. The building is well known for its warm friendly atmosphere and ever popular St James’s Park School.

The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Oakleigh Kindergarten

oakleigh kindergarten

If you are considering sending your child to this fine establishment you may be pleased to learn that the average class size is four; this is slightly smaller than the average class sizes at all the other local nurseries in the vicinity. There are also more than forty fully licensed classrooms that offer a variety of educational activities to keep the children engaged and happy. A large number of these are taught by Mrs ambergris Caygill who has many years experience in the educational service and is a very popular teacher. The school prides itself on maintaining the very high standards and maintains an excellent track record.

As is the case with all pre-school facilities in the kindergarten is accompanied by a number of benefits. For starters, there are a number of educational activities available which ensure your child spends their time happily. Pre-school education is designed to assist in the development of a child’s abilities and confidence and this is certainly the focus of this lovely establishment. Not only does the school provide a friendly and relaxed environment to the children but it also provides them with opportunities to make new friends and engage in clubs and other activities. It is always worth checking out the website of Oakleigh Kindergarten as you may find a wealth of information on this exciting establishment.

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